September 21, 2013
This is NOT your typical Mud Run! Imagine stomping through grapes, wading through watermelon seeds and having a tomato war to top it all off. This 5K mud run is TOTALLY different than anything you have ever done before!

We at Dell'Osso Farms are excited to be bringing you this run as a tribute to our fellow farmers. We are SICK of wasting good food that just looks a little different. We are specifically using "number two" produce on this run which are those fruits and vegetables that are undersized or blemished. The stores won't buy this produce because it looks a little different. Instead of plowing it back into the field, we decided it would be a GREAT way to give you a different type of run. What fun to play with our food!

In this run, we are actually using many of the crops that we have grown before on the farm. We used to grow sweet corn and watermelons and we have grown pumpkins for decades. Everyone in the Valley has grown tomatoes and we had tomato fights as kids all the time. Please come on out and enjoy the bounties of the Valley!

Sincerely, the Dell'Osso Family.

All runners will finish in the Tomato Fight Area. It is the last obstacle of the day 
and will create a GREAT photo opportunity!

The Tomato Fight is also open to non-runners! "Tomato Tickets" are available for purchase and will allow entry into just the Fight area. There is no scheduled start time for a Tomato Ticket. You can enter at any time during run hours. Once inside the fight area, you can stay for as long as you would like, but once you leave the area, you cannot return. The Tomato Ticket provides a great opportunity for those who cannot run to join their running buddies in the final "throws" of the day.  

 5k Food Stomp and Tomato Fight Tickets:
 Early Bird Entry - 5/1 thru 6/30 - $45
 Entry Fee - 7/1 thru 8/15 - $55
 Better Late Than Not - 8/16 thru 9/17 - $65
 Tomato Fight ONLY Tickets:
 Early Bird Entry - 5/1 thru 6/30 - $30
 Entry Fee - 7/1 thru 8/15 - $35
 Better Late Than Not - 8/16 thru 9/17 - $40